what your favorite classic rock band/musician says about you
The beatles: i'm a mainstream fucking chump
the Rolling stones: i'm a fucking chump who LOVES sucking dicks
led zeppelin: i'm a fucking nerdass chump
pink floyd: i'm a fucking egotist chump
queen: i'm a vapid fucking chump
frank zappa and the mothers of invention: i hate myself. i hate myself so much. i'm the worst person i know and i smell like wet eggs. I'm a fucking awful human being and I deserve this
david bowie: i'm pretendin to be a big giant fucking chump but i'm actually a fucking asshole
the beach boys: i'm a fuckin chump who lives with my chump parents in the chump ass suburbs
bob dylan: fuck you
fleetwood mac: i'm a fucking idiot chump who can't read
bruce springsteen: i'm someone else's fucking chump
the grateful dead: i'm an annoying fucking chump and i only get worse
the velvet underground/lou reed: truly an appreciator of the arts. I don't just appreciate the arts, I live it. Only the higher-minded could understand how I navigate the burdens of my intellect. Bless me.
jefferson airplane: i'm a pretentious chump and i use words i don't know
the smiths: i'm a dumbass who doesn't understand the narrow confined genre limitations of "classic rock"
aerosmith: i'm a washed up fucking chump who peaked in high school
elvis costello: i'm a socially withered husk of a fucking chump
jimi hendrix: i'm a stupid fucking chump talking out of my ass
journey: i would buy alcohol for 16 year olds
the eagles: i'm a fucking chump who smells like sweaty jeans
deep purple: i'm a fucking chump who tries really really hard to be cool
the doors: i invite myself to parties that i always ruin and people think i'm a fucking chump because i am